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Blackboard Reminders for Content Retention

Blackboard Retention 

Beginning January 13th, we will be focusing on Blackboard cleanup. In accordance with our one-year retention policy, all Fall and Winter 2021 courses and collaborate sessions will be deleted. To ensure you maintain everything you need, please do the following prior to January 13th:

Export Blackboard Content - For any course that you want a copy of all the content, you should export content. This will give you access to a ZIP file that you can later import to a new course (like a course copy). This will save content only, there will be no student information saved. Directions for exporting Blackboard Content can be found on Blackboard's website or here. Once you follow these directions, you will return to the Export page and click the down arrow next to the file name and choose OPEN, this will save the file on your computer. If you need any assistance, please let me know. All Fall and Winter 2021 courses will be removed January 13th.

Collaborate Recordings - Download any collaborate sessions that you want to keep for future use or for documentation and delete any sessions you no longer need. For each of these, you will go to the Recoding page (Click on the three lines in the black header of the Collaborate page and choose Recordings). For each recording click on the three dots - choose to download and/or delete. Watch the video on downloading and deleting Collaborate Recordings. All Fall and Winter 2021 collaborate recordings will be removed January 13th.

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