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Flip - Getting Started
Flip Getting Started
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Getting Started in Flip

Once you’ve created your free Flipgrid account, there are just a few simple steps to get started.

 - Create a group in your dashboard by clicking the “+ Group” button.
 - Give it a name, like “Second Period Science” or “Mr. Aziz’s Homeroom”.
 - Add your students to it by typing in your school’s domain name—that’s everything after the “@” symbol in your email—or connect your
   Google Classroom.
-  Then click “Create Group” and step one is done.

That’s it! Now it’s time to engage your students.

“Topics” are the prompts that students respond to. To make it easy for you to get discussions started, there’s a default “introductions” topic in every group. You can also choose from our ready-to-use topics in our Discovery Library.

Create a topic by clicking the “+ Topic” button on your group page.
Give it a title, like “Indigenous Peoples Studies in WA State”.
Add a description and instructions for your students.
Record a video, add media, or upload attachments you’d like to share.
Then, click “Save to Group”.

You’re ready to start a discussion!

Now that your topic is created, invite your students to participate by sharing it. Simply click the share icon and copy the link. You can share your topic link anywhere, like email, Microsoft Teams, or Google Classroom. You can even share it as a QR code for students to scan!

That’s all it takes to get started on Flipgrid! Now just wait for the discussions to take off.

In the meantime, explore all of our Flipgrid features on the web and in our app, like our ready-to-use topics or the Flipgrid camera to help you spark great discussions.

For more details, check out this Help Center article on how to share topics and groups.

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