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Convert from Bb Learn to Ultra

Initial Steps to Take When Converting to a Learn Course to Ultra

Step 1:

When making the initial leap from BB Learn to Bb Ultra, creating the Learning Modules is essential to stay organized before content is copied over from the original Learn course. By adding a focus image, description or module information makes for an easier transition for the instructor and student when navigating the course. The structure is what makes the course flow in the eyes of the students. Always remember that the ordering can be easily adjusted.

Step 2:

Once the Learning Modules have been created using the standard method or AI assisted method, it is important to only copy what is needed in the Ultra course one component at a time. Course copying in past has led to bloated courses with duplicate content, missing course items, and linking errors to both assessments and content. Shared courses count for much of these errors due to inexperienced users or simply not understanding how to properly copy content. 

Step 3:

If help is needed to assist in the conversion, you have two guides below to resource. The second option is to reach out to the Instructional Designers at the following link.  Ultra Conversion Assistance

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