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Instructor Guides for Blackboard Learn

NameGuide Link
Accessing the Content Collector Collection and Organizing Files in Ultra.PDF Guide
Accessing Grades in the Grade Center.PDF Guide
Applying an Adaptive Release to a Survey.PDF Guide
Archiving a Learn Class with Student Data.PDF Guide
Changing the Course Image .PDF Guide
Changing the Course View.PDF Guide
Content Collector Organization.PDF Guide
Course Copying to an Existing Course.PDF Guide
Creating a Student Group to Complete an Assignment.PDF Guide
Creating Single and Group Sets to be used in Project / Assignment Collaboration.PDF Guide
Date Management.PDF Guide
Downloading Video from Recorded Collaborate Sessions.PDF Guide
Embedding a .PDF and YouTube Video.PDF Guide
Exporting and Importing a Course.PDF Guide
Guide to Test Question Building for Use in Blackboard.PDF Guide
How to Use Hypothesis and Create Social Annotation.PDF Guide
Importing all Test, Quizzes, and Surveys from a Previous Course.PDF Guide
Kaltura Media Usage with Video.PDF Guide
Making a Private Course Public.PDF Guide
Microsoft Teams Usage.PDF Guide
Making a Private Course Public.PDF Guide
One-Button Studio Usage.PDF Guide
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Exporting / Importing a Class Shell (Blackboard Learn Environment)

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Exporting a Course

Importing a Course

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